Little Bees!

Our Nature Preschool is a unique learning environment for children aged 2-4.  Your child’s development and learning is guided by the Early Years Foundation Stage.  From the moment your child comes to us they are assigned a key worker who records their development in all areas, Physical development, Personal, social and emotional, Communication and Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world and Expressive art and design.

Our children learn to be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.  We use Trick Box training and mindfulness during our circle times, with calming techniques and encourage the children to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings.

Children learn how to develop positive relationships and good behaviour with the guidance of our staff.  Children are encouraged to learn our Golden Rules:  Bee kind and helpful, sharing and turn taking, walking only indoors, using listening ears, kind hands and Bee kind to nature.

Children learn and develop well in an enabling, inspirational and sustainable environment.  With such wonderful facilities inside and out, children have space to move around during child led play and have the opportunities, to learn new skills and develop an interest and respect for nature and the environment.

Working in partnership with other professionals and regularly updating our skills is essential to ensuring that our practice is current and innovative.  We work with a network of Childcare professionals within the community as we recognise early intervention is key to recognising and acting on any developmental delays a child may encounter.

We work in partnership with families to ensure that we can build their likes and dislikes, language and faith, origin and culture, their abilities or disabilities, and their interests, into their learning because we understand that every child is a unique child.


Nature corner

Children are encouraged to bring in objects to add to our nature table. All areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage are covered in our nature inspired curriculum. Our curriculum follows the seasons, the elements, weather and seasonal celebrations.

Home corner

Children use their imaginations in our role play area, complete with kitchen with a rotation of role play toys including hairdressing equipment, dress-up, shopping equipment. This allows children to recreate how they see the world around them and tasks undertaken by members of their family and community.

Craft area

We have a vast array of craft activities for the children where they can practice mark making, colours, shapes, cutting, sticking, painting and using a range of additional creative resources.

Emerging literacy

Children take part in regular literacy based activities both inside and in our garden. Letters and Sounds, phonic sounds, interactive story time allowing children to enact characters and roles, one to one reading, mark making and group work help the children develop an interest in reading and writing as well as their listening and communication skills.