A Little Bee’s typical day!

“We’ve broken down the day so you can see what a typical day is like for us. Just hover/click over one of the activities and we’ll show you more information”

Little Bee flying
Little Bee flying


Welcome in! Staff to greet and settle children and wash hands on entry.

All our children are made to feel welcome and cared for. During these uncertain times due to Covid-19 we encourage all children to wash their hands thoroughly. We also realise how important it is to set the tone of the day for the children and this starts from the very moment we greet them

Little Bee flying


Golden Rules. Visual timetable of the day. Sharing news and weather. Days of week and more!

Once we have settled the children we start the day by engaging with everyone. Our golden rules and timetable give the day structure but also gives the children an exciting day to look forward to. We will also discuss topics which are relevant such as any news or the weather.

Little Bee flying


Free Play

Children are encouraged to choose activities and engage in a way they find fun but also develops their social skills.

Little Bee flying


Pack away and tidy up. Wash hands.

We encourage all children to learn to tidy up in a calm way. Then we wash our hands again

Little Bee flying


Snack and wash hands

Snacks should be healthy yet tasty and as always we wash our hands periodically.

Little Bee flying


Line up. Coats and boots.

We always make sure children are appropriately dressed for the weather as we want activities to be done outside as much as possible so our Little Bees can engage with nature.

Little Bee flying


Planned Outside Activity. Exercise. Free play

We always have a wide range of activities planned to engage and stimulate our Little Bees. We also have time for exercise after which they are rewarded with freeplay.

Little Bee flying


Tidy garden toys. Line up to come in

Everyone takes part in tidying up so children learn to take pride of their environment.

Little Bee flying


Wash hands. Story time/Mindfulness/Golden rules. Nappies taken care of when required. Prepare for children being picked up at 12.00 Children to find names at table

After the activities outside and exercise we have a calmer moment with a story time. Some children will be picked up this time of day so we want them to feel happy and calm.

Little Bee flying


Lunch. Prepare for children being picked up at 1.00pm. Tidy up Recycling/Compost/rubbish

Children learn the principles of recycling why we make compost which will be used to plants we grow.

Little Bee flying


Free play on ramp/bottom end

Free play is a great time for children to do what they want in a supervised environment.

Little Bee flying


Small group activities. Prepare for children being picked up at 2.30pm

Group activities are so important for developing social skills and stimulating the mind.

Little Bee flying


Active circle time: Dancing/Yoga/Exercise/Wake and Shake

Exercise and calmness of mind are really important as they build a foundation in the early years, giving children experiences which show them a good place to be in physically and mentally. This is all done in a fun way!

Little Bee flying


Mindfulness. Story. Prepare for children being picked up at 3.00pm

We finish the day with techniques to calm, feel happy and rested. The day usually ends with a story.