Breakfast Club

8am to 9pm

Children attending our Breakfast Club are greeted by a member of staff and taken through to their designated room within our childcare department.  Children are currently grouped into consistent bubbles in line with our Covid-19 policy.  Once within their bubble, children are given a choice of healthy breakfast options including fruit, cereal or toast and then they are free to play with their friends during a free play session before being assembled by their practitioner and escorted safely to their allocated entrance point on the border of the school grounds and signed in by a member of staff from Stourfield.

Children are provided with a choice of age specific activities during free play, including craft, puzzles, construction, educational toys, role play, small world and games.

Children follow our Golden Rules, making sure that all children have a positive, safe but enjoyable time with us before the start of their school day.

childs breakfast