Beaufort Childcare encompasses our pre-school nursery, breakfast and after school clubs. We aim to provide the very best childcare in a safe and inspirational environment so your child can flourish. For our Little Bees in nursery we strive to deliver experiences which help them to question the world they are in, form ideas and develop the social skills they will need throughout their lives. Our breakfast and after school clubs are on the site of the school so you know when you place your child in our care, they will be in a safe environment all day.

We also believe in working in partnership with teachers, parents and the children so their needs are met and they are given every opportunity to develop into people who are happy with who they are. We want to foster confidence, expression and creativity in all our children.

Little Bees

Little Bees is our pre-school club. Our children are encouraged to learn new skills, socialise and develop those really important foundations in life, whilst getting close to nature! Our curriculum is delivered in a fun and exciting way so our children will move forward in life wanting to learn!

We bring children closer to nature!
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Breakfast Club

We recognise parents and their children often need support so all commitments can be met. We offer a safe environment which is on the same site as the school. Children are encouraged to start their day with a range of activities so they can start their day in a positive way.

Child writing
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After School Club

As with our breakfast club, we aim to give the best possible care for your child. We are very sensitive to all our children’s needs and take into account how they are feeling, their energy levels and their wish to learn, relax or socialise. Most importantly, we want them to be themselves in a safe and encouraging environment.

Children writing
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Little Bees come to Beaufort!

This year is a really special year for us! Our nursery has been revamped, made more interactive and above all engaging for the amazing children who spend time with us.  We don’t just provide the best full and part day care for children aged between 2 years  and 5 years. We also give them experiences to remember whilst giving them a fun, stimulating and loving environment. This offers opportunities for all our children to learn through play and develop to their highest individual potential.

Little Bee flying

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Open as usual!

Even though we are in lockdown version 2.0, we're open as normal for all our childcare services whilst remaining covid compliant.

Other Changes

Vanessa Meadows left as Manager at the end of July and with the pandemic affecting business as it has everywhere, the association had to offer voluntary redundancies to its staff. We are sad to [...]

Working in partnership

We welcome our new parents and it is important to us that we work with you to help your child learn and develop in their time with us.  If you have any queries or [...]

Payments of fees

We are a non-profit making, charity run pre-school and rely on payments to offer the best level of care and opportunities to your children therefore if your child has a funded place we ask [...]


We now have a Covid-19 policy.  This will be displayed for parents to see within our foyer area and updated regularly in line with Governments latest advice. It is fair to say that Covid-19 [...]

Covid-19 Update

Find out more about the changes to policy and procedures due to Covid-19